Billedkunst Live: Lesia Vasylchenko in conversation with Eirik Zeiner-Henriksen

25.05.2024 – 18:00
Planetarium, Trondheim

Continuing the conversation from Billedkunst no. 1 2023, artist Lesia Vasylchenko will meet writer and art historian Eirik Zeiner-Henriksen at Vitensenteret’s Planetarium. Vasylchenko will talk about her research on the entanglements between human versus technological and geological timescales. The talk will centre around key themes in Lesia’s artistic practice, such as; how to think about Time from a more-than human perspective, and how it is being commercialized and weaponized; how Time could be treated as data and as a resource; how Time could be produced by planetary observation technologies, artificial intelligence and the photographic image. 

There will be screened excerpts from Lesia’s most recent work Chronosphere (2024), that is exhibited at Kunsthall Oslo from April 27–June 9, as an exclusive 360° experience.

Entrance: Free and open to all (capacity is 58 pax, we advise you to come early).

The conversation will be held in English. Duration is approx. 60–70 minutes. Please join us for a glass and/or some food after. Address: Vitensenteret, Kongens gate 1, 7011 Trondheim.